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The Inaugural Script

25 Nov

The first post is short and sweet and serves only as a mere introduction to the concept of the EchoCollective.

We are a group of stifled articulators and strangled orators looking for an outlet for our self-venerated musings: a soap-box, if you will.

Now some of these musings will no doubt merely demonstrate the breadth and futility of our egoistic endeavours; for that we can only apologise in advance.  There will however, inevitably be some prize-worthy story and note-worthy rhetoric; other than that we just hope to interest you and entice you into lively debate.  Please do join in, in whatever way you can: requests and accommodations are eagerly anticipated.

Please contribute notes of interest by nature of short-story; discursive essay; rhetorical article; song; poetry; and dance – whichever will convey your message and agitate our audience.

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