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The Glasgow Madness Solidarity Network: an introduction

8 Oct


Madness is proliferating, and it is capitalism that makes us mad.

We live in an age where anxiety, depression and eating disorders have reached epidemic levels. Since the crisis of 2008 suicide rates have increased dramatically while mental health services have been savagely cut. Work becomes increasingly demanding at the same time as it has become increasingly precarious. We are all exposed to a 24/7 bombardment of stimulation and instant communication that captures and burns our nervous systems. Capitalism has even placed the survival of our species into question by producing climate change. More and more of us are “managed” on psychoactive medications and psychological therapies that patch us up so we can get back to work. People called psychotic face higher mortality rates, the threat of death by restraint, and social exclusion.  While psychiatry and psychotherapy can be necessary to our psychic survival, they also operate as forms of social control and as…

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Working Manifesto – what do we want for our neighbourhood?

1 Oct

An autonomous Community Forum is emerging in Mansewood in the southside of Glasgow, and in the wake of recent politicisation of communities across Scotland. Hopefully projects like this will become much more common in the months and years to come as more and more people become organised among campaigns, trade unions, and their own neighbourhoods. Scenes like those from London’s Focus E15 last week will hopefully become more common as people realise we should not rely on our political and media classes for leadership and salvation… people power, let’s do it!

Mansewood Community Forum (Glasgow)

As well as offering one another mutual assistance in matters of urgency, whether that be with debt agencies, bad landlords or employers, rogue traders, fascist abuse, or other forms of harassment, the Mansewood Community Forum seeks to unite our neighbours in positive action for the benefit of ourselves, our neighbours, and our children.

As an autonomous group of neighbourhood residents and activists in Mansewood, we don’t need to wait for the local authorities or politicians to make suggestions about what we “might” need in our area. Instead we can create the demand and make moves to achieve our goals through our own solidarity, networking, and direct action. So let us have a think together about what we want to achieve as a community forum.

Initially it might be a good idea to assess what resources we have, and what resources are lacking; what problems are obvious, and what solutions there…

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