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Class Discrimination in the UK’s Urban Housing | Nicky Patterson

2 Jun


This investigation analyses the presentations of class discrimination within the field of urban housing within the UK. Utilising the theoretical work of Loic Wacquant’s ‘territorial stigmatisation’ (2008) and Ruth Glass’s ‘gentrification’ (1964), this paper investigates the history of property acquisition and the positioning of the working-class as a non-propertied class. The paper addresses the post-war of social-housing from both left-wing and right-wing perspectives, and seeks to ascertain an understanding and reasoning for the circumstances which have led to increasing rates of home-ownership against increasing rates of homelessness during the neoliberal era when social-housing developments were neglected by government. The investigation also uses the post-war housing estate of Castlemilk in Glasgow as a case-study in order to ascertain whether patterns of class-discrimination in Glasgow accord with wider general theory and analyses from theorists and academics abroad.  The research concludes that a housing ‘crisis’ has permanently existed for more than a century and that it has been maintained by a legal and social system predicated on the rights of property, thus discriminating against non-propertied populations, i.e. the working class.

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